Professional tenancy cleaning team in London

Cleaning in London is very important to all the people who live here, but not all of them like to do that. Except that they do not like it, people nowadays do not have the necessary time or the patience to do it in a professional way.

City Clean offers End of Tenancy Cleaning did by experts teams in cleaning that are dedicated to your preferences and they also pay attention to details.

A professional tenancy cleaning for City Clean means:

  • The latest professional equipment and chemicals to have your furniture, surfaces, windows and electric appliances well cleaned.
  • A team that will stay at your home, no matter how it takes because our purpose is to offer to you: satisfaction and a healthy house and life.
  • Also, Lease Cleaning London service is available for you every day, from mornings to late evenings. It doesn’t matter if it is a Public Holiday when you want a professional tenancy cleaning, we will be at your home for you for no extra costs!
  • End of Tenancy Cleaning means also expert cleaners that will get all your deposit back because we know that it is important to you! If you will do that end of tenancy cleaning by yourself, you can be sure that you will forgot a part from your deposit and we are sure that you do not want it!
  • The main priority for City Cleans and for our professional teams is customer satisfaction!

Lease Tenancy Cleaning is very important and City Cleans provides and assure you that your rooms and carpets, walls, sofa, armchairs and so on will be cleaned to the highest standards.

End of Tenancy Cleaning teams offer many other services, even if you do not move out. City Clean provides also cleaning services for tenants that are moving in. They also do Spring Cleaning, Domestic Cleaning, After Party Cleaning, Carpet Cleaning, Ironing and so on because it is important for us to have all people satisfied.

Also, Lease Tenancy Cleaning teams are cleaning your oven! It is also included in the initially price of our professional tenancy cleaning.

If you want our services, you can contact us whenever you want because we have someone that will answer to you 24/7.

Why should you as a tenant or landlord hire a professional tenancy cleaning team?

Because our work will be done in just one day by a big equip that will be at your home in the morning if you want to and they will leave only when they have finished their job! We assure you that City Clean will send to your house enough trained and experts cleaners for a professional end of tenancy cleaning! In all this time you can do whatever you want, you will not have to lose your time with cleaning or supervise our team!

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