Tenant or lodger in London?

Tenant or lodger in London?

Being a room hunter in London can be sometimes difficult because you have to search and find something that fits your desires. To make it easy, just go and surf the internet and find a website dedicated to all room hunters from London or to those who want to live here. Room share London represents students and persons who want to have a better life in a beautiful and thriving city, which is why they are very much.

Pat attention at…

Conditions of the landlord because every each of them can have his conditions, for example: some landlords do not allow you to bring in the house or room pets and if you have one and you do not pay attention at what he say, you will have troubles.

Look carefully at price, pictures until you will call the landlord to be sure that it is what you want.

Look also carefully at offered facilities as: washing machine, dishwasher, vacuum, iron, dryer, air conditioner and others. If you really want to have them all and others incorporated you need to ask first the landlord, because many times all of these are not mentioned in the ad.

Another important question for you is: I’m ready to be a tenant or I have to be a lodger? You are the only one who knows if you can or not live with others in the same place but you can also find out at: https://www.roomhunters.co.uk

What are your rights as tenant or lodger in London?

If you are a lodger you are can have private space, intimacy and a place just for you without worrying about the others. You can even restrict house entrance to your landlord. He is not allowed to enter in the house without your permission even if you are home or not.

As a tenant you must accept the fact that you do not have intimacy. Your landlord is allowed to step in your rented house or room even if you do not want it. You must respect his extra conditions because you live with him and he can be bothered about some things as: loud music or he do not want you to have visitors. Also, a tenant can rent just a room from the entire house and live with other people like him, not with his landlord.

Room hunters in London have many possibilities because it is a big business on the market and landlords want to rent their house or rooms from their house to get more money. All types of rooms and houses are available on the websites, so as a room hunter in London is impossible to not find something that will fulfill your dreams. Search on the website and find what you want!