The location of our organization, Palm Beach County

The location of our organization, Palm Beach County

North America is the place where all dreams come true. Everybody desires to go there even only for visiting it, because of its beautiful states and counties. Each and every region of it is interesting, but above all there is Palm Beach County, Florida.

What’s so worth visiting there? Well, its history, its places that should be seen even once in your life, its politics that are far more interesting than that of any other county and its inhabitants who are open-minded people and know exactly how to deal with every curios visitor. Palm Beach is not only a place where you go to lay in the sun, but it is also a place where you can fill your time with interesting activities such as practicing water or air sports, walking through the city, learning about its history and spending quality time with new friendly people. Or you can simply go to the beach and lay in the sun all day long. It depends entirely on you.

The beaches attract lots of tourists because of their cleanness, beauty and naturalness. It is a place that takes your breath away and also where you can make memories that will last forever – its landscapes, its buildings, its friendly inhabitants, all of it. What you should bear in mind when opting for Palm Beach as a holiday destination is that its beaches are restricted – there are opening and closing hours, there are few free parking spots and at night is strictly forbidden for anyone to walk on the beaches. Yet, they are the first option on the visitors’ lists. Who would not want to spend their spare time in such a wonderful location? Imagine – lying all day long in the sun, swimming in the hot water while being gently touched by the playful rays of the sun or strolling from morning ‘till dawn through the city, discovering its history. It sounds unreal, doesn’t it? Yet, it is true. Apart from the small inconveniences such as those restrictions, everything is perfect in Palm Beach.

When it comes to the politics of Palm Beach, the hard fight between democrats and republics stands out. Over the years, there have been very few differences in the results, which have lead to the consecutive win of both sides of politics – a couple of years won the republicans, another couple of years won the democrats. Very attractive about this county is its young population. On account of their fragile age, the town is run by two main organizations – Young Republicans and Young Democrats.

The Palm Beach County Young Republicans is a corporation both social and political, which was created for young people from 18 to 40 years old. Being composed of young professionals is seen as a huge advantage, because they will more easily attract other teenagers and young people who will vote for them. It is said that they love persuasive people who have the courage to speak with passion and to believe in what they say. Yet, nowadays Palm Beach is still democratic and the predictions are that the Democratic Party would win again.

However, it is believed that the Republican Party is far better. Why? First because they are in majority and have many times won the elections and run the county. Then, they have wonderful and realizable views that should be developed, because they intend to help the inhabitants and to offer them a more beautiful life. These plans include more freedom for people living there, lower taxes and less government. Young Republicans desire to change their county so as to make people feel more comfortable in their country and make their like easier. Their main objectives are the promotion of informed electorate through political education, the maintenance of a two-party system in the State of Florida and the increase in the teenagers’ loyalty towards the Party’s ideals.

As the say goes, the Republican Party is thought as the party of freedom, of prosperity and of the future. Why? Because this Party freed the slaves in spite of the fact that president Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation.  As well as the slaves’ emancipation, the early women’s rights movement was also determined by Republicans, through passing a unanimously amendment which has received only a few democratic votes. It is a Party of both prosperity and future, because of the plans they are ready to put in practice for a better living. After the Civil War, the decisions took by the Republicans brought decades of prosperity and wealth to the county. Today’s Republicans are inspired by the great history their Party had and continue to believe, as their ancestors did, that the best decisions are taken close to home and that all people should have equal rights. They try both to free the inhabitants from the intrusive overreach of bureaucrats and to give the individuals more choices in economy, healthcare, education and in energy.

The Palm Beach County is governed by a board of Commissioners which are elected from single-member districts and from who two are named as Mayor and Vice-mayor. This Commission stands for the executive power and takes care of property registration, public works such as road maintenance and public health. Likewise, it administers governmental services – prisons, courts – builds code enforcement and levies local taxes.

To sum up, the Florida County is best run by two opposed parties, because they fight one another for the best of the inhabitants. Both the Republicans and the Democrats govern very well the Palm Beach State, but over the years the Republican Party has made itself a name for the prosperity and wealth it brought.

Palm Beach County organization

Palm Beach County organization

Palm Beach is a town that is a part of Palm Beach County from Florida, United States. It is one from the most beautiful and visited towns in Florida, America because of its clean and amazing beaches.

Another attractive thing at Palm Beach is its young population. Only almost 20 percent are people which are 60 or older. Because young population predominates in Palm Beach, Florida an organization called: Young Republicans has known a big development in time because his inhabitants were and still is attracted to it.

Palm Beach County Young Republicans

The Palm Beach County Young Republicans is an organization, a social and political one. It was created for young people from 18 to 40 years old.

But, what is it more exactly and why people think they need this kind of organization?

The answer is because they need people who will support Republican Party that is a majority in politics. Why? Because for republican people it is important to win Republican Party at elections. So, it is made also to increase support for Republican candidates at elections. It is important for them to have persons that offer support. In this way Republican candidates and also Palm Beach County Young Republicans will have more confidence in themselves. That will make humans vote for them, because they love persuasive people who will speak to them with passion and belief in what they say.

Those who make part from Palm Beach County Young Republicans are young professionals. The fact that people are young, is another advantage because they will convince other young people to vote for them in election or support them by submission in that organization.

Why are Palm Beach County Young Republicans and Republican politics better than others?

Because during the time they were and still are a majority, many times they won the elections and run the country. They are always “in fight” with Democratic-another politics from Palm Beach that was and still is a majority as Republican politics.

Palm Beach County Young Republicans have awesome views that deserve to be developed because they are the best for inhabitants of Palm Beach, Florida: lower taxes, more freedom and of course less government. All of them are based on core principles.

Young Republicans want to change their country, to be better to live in and have a better life, to make people feel more comfortable in their country. Palm Beach is an awesome town, with amazing beaches and people, Young Republicans work to make it better.

Palm Beach Young Republicans History

Palm Beach Young Republicans History

Palm Beach County, Florida

America has beautiful states and countries to visit, but Palm Beach County, Florida is one from the most beautiful and interesting countries.

Its history, places to visit, politics and people have very much to offer and it left everyone amazed about it. Palm Beach has very beautiful beaches, landscapes, buildings and sports to practice, perfect for relaxing and spend awesome time with dear people.

A little about Palm Beach politics

For almost a century ago, over the years it was given a hard fight between two sides of politics: democration and republics. Between 1960-1988 won the Republicans and after that, 1992-2012 Democration. Over all this years the results were very similar, the differences were extremely low in some years- up to 1-2 percent, and an example is given of votes in 1976. But, regardless of years of election the main fight was given between this two politics which were always predominant.

In Palm Beach exists two main organizations: Young Republicans for members of Republican Party and Young Democrats for members of Democratic Party. Young Republicans have as international affiliate: International Young Democrat Union.  Young Republicans was founded in 1931 and Young Democrats in 1932.

Florida was the first state which adopt a big change in Young Republican organization name: on June6, 2006 „Florida Federation of Young Republicans” become „Florida Federation of Young Professional Republicans” to attract republicans who are above twenty years.

Nowadays, Palm Beach is still democratic and the voter registrations in 2015 showed that changes to won again Democratic Party are very high.

Palm Beach County beaches

Palm Beach has awesome beaches. Clean, very beautiful, uncrowded, natural and big, beaches of Palm Beach attract very much people who want to relax and spend quality time at the best hotels and restaurants. The beach amaze people with her sand, clean water and sun who makes people feel awesome and relaxed. Anyone wants to visit and spend time here, most of them wanted to never leave them.

What is important to know about this country’s beaches is that they tend to be private: parking is restricted; the same for amenities or lifeguards. Also, they have an opening hour which depend on the season and their lifeguards have a strict program too. On the night, people are not allow to walk on the beach most of the time- anyone who want to risk and try walking on the beach at night have to know that it is monitored by police.

Landscapes and buildings are wonderful, modern and make people take their breath away in Palm Beach County.

In conclusion, Palm Beach County is an awesome country which deserved to be visited with at first opportunity. It is an amazing and perfect way to relax and make memories which will never be never forget.